How to increase followers?

Are you planning to become an influencer or starting your own small business on Instagram, if so, then you must know one of the features of Instagram to help in your growth in your business or content? But how shall one start with?

It is simpler and easier, but not really. First come first one has to create a public account on Instagram and start developing your own community which finds interest in your valuable content and business products if in case. But you must be wondering what likes does and how does it help in the growth?

Why is there a need?

Instagram has some astonishing features where one of them is the ‘likes’ available for stories and posts which helps in building engagement on your page and creating a community which can help you buy your products. Likes will help in building up followers and both together will increase the brand’s visibility in a wide range of communities. More number of likes on your posts, videos bring it to the eyes or people more likely and presents a better impression to the people engaging in it. But to achieve likes one should have eye catchy content which attracts the people.

Also getting a lot of likes helps the post to get huge attention and can lead to promoting the post on the search page and will be shown to more people. Now whether your page is official or not, not in the trends or not always, does not matter if you have more likes on the post as it can quickly increase the conversion rate and helps to attract more traffic to the page which is eventually the motive of leading the page.


One can tag right and relevant accounts on the post which can help bring you in the eye of catchy brands and bring more opportunities for you and help you get a bundle of likes through their followers. Lastly, adding an engaging caption to your post will help achieve your trust with your instagram followers and more chances of comments and nowadays Instagram has options of adding your recording in the videos will help you get close to your followers and they will get a better sense of understanding with your content.

While following all of the above-mentioned steps will definitely help you add more likes to your stories and posts and engage better with your community.